Dead Set from the UK

I was reading an opinion piece today about the AMC TV show The Walking Dead from an English perspective. His opinion was that he was rather disappointed in the ultra popular show, but that’s not what I found interesting, rather he was comparing it to a British zombie TV show called Dead Set that I wasn’t previously aware of. How this one slipped past me is anyone’s guess, but in my defense there’s no region 1, domestic release DVD.

The show aired in 2008 as a mini series spun off from the reality TV show Big Brother. This is of course the most brilliant idea for reality TV ever. Just think how much better American Idol would be if the participants were eaten.

The story follows the Big Brother contestants as Zombie chaos erupts outside the house. Seemingly living inside the Romero zombie universe and making plenty of homages to the classic films (though this has fast moving dead) Dead Set received positive reviews from both critics and fans.

It’s a shame there’s currently no US DVD, but those lucky enough to have a region free DVD player can always import the UK DVD.