The Spider Trees of Pakistan

Millions of spiders make their homes in trees after the massive flooding last year in Pakistan. Photographer Russell Watkins describes the experience of taking the pictures among the web laden trees as dozens of small spiders dropped from the branches and scurried over the camera and nearby people. The ground, covered in stagnant water from the flood is of course the perfect breeding ground for malaria carrying mosquitoes and as such the people have a noted respect for the spiders which have taken a noticeable bite out of the mosquito population.

At Halloween when people buy packages of fake spider webbing, (the stuff that looks like bags of cotton you pull apart) and completely coat a shrub near their front door, I always scowl at the unrealistic presentation. Too much!  Stretch it out more, less is more, this is just silly! But now I think I was just missing the realization that the horror of real life always triumphs over the imagined. Too many spiders is fake, I thought…

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Picture: Russell Watkins/Department for International Development

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