Planet of the Vampire Women Premiere Event

Boobs!  Gore!  Vampires!  Explosions!  And did I mention BOOBS?!  Planet of the Vampire Women, TFO Productions’ latest feature film, made its debut Saturday night at a grand premiere at the Crest Theater in Sacramento.  Six members of the Order of the Zombie were there to experience the excitement first-hand.

The VIP party gave us an opportunity to mingle with the stars of the film.  The spectacular Stephanie Hyden, who plays pleasure clone Astrid Corvair, glided through the crowd in a floor-length pink confection.  Stephanie’s not your typical aloof celebrity, though.  She’s a sweet, approachable gal – and one female member of the Order took advantage of that fact by grabbing her boob.   The assessment:  “It felt sparkly!”

VIP Party

The guests at the VIP party were treated to yummy grub catered by Ink Eats & Drinks and free beer from Hoppy Brewing Company on tap.  Each guest also got a gift bag containing a DVD of the film plus such necessities as a water pistol and beer coaster.


The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and by the time the doors were opened the ticket line stretched to the end of the block.  Actors, including Jawara Duncan, Keith Letl, Emily Vernon and Stephen Vargo, wandered among the crowd in the packed lobby.  Noticeably absent (and deeply missed) was Liesel Hansen, who plays space pirate Ginger Maldonado.  Liesel is appearing in Re-Animator: The Musical in Hollywood, so we forgave her for stiffing us.  She was there in effigy, however, in the form of a small cardboard cutout that was passed from hand to hand during the evening.

Theater filling

As the theater filled and the lights dimmed, the audience roared in excitement.  Writer and director Darin Wood took the stage and introduced the film, which made the crowd go crazy.  Actress Ashley Marino sat behind us.  Marino, who plays space pirate Pepper Vance, could barely control her exuberance and squealed nonstop as the film began.  Planet of the Vampire Women was everything the audience hoped for, and more – more gore, more boobs, more unexpected plot twists and special effects.  It was a blood-spattered success.

Afterward, Darin was joined on stage by Stephanie Hyden, director of photography Christy Savage and executive producer Amy Slockbower.  They answered questions from the audience and hinted that their next film will feature…

Well, we could tell you but we won’t.  We’ll just say that each new TFO production is better than the last, so their next film should be one hell of a wild ride.

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