Loved to Death – Taxidermy Art & Jewelry

Loved to Death, located in San Francisco, CA, is a combination curiosities shop and art gallery featuring a rotating showcase of artists and the taxidermy artistry works of curators Audra & Brennan Dance.

I absolutely love the diorama taxidermy art pieces. A small world created inside an ornate frame with a macabre sense of humor. “Sherman the Hitman” is my favorite. I love the stories that explain the piece.

In addition to the art gallery, Loved to Death offers unique jewelry, hair flair, home decor and antiquities. The jewelry ranges from the subdued tooth rings to not-so-subtle trophy head necklaces featuring squirrels and small birds. The hair accessories are a delicate assortment of bird wings and ribbons, reminiscent of Victorian era ladies’ hats.

I’ll be sure to post a follow up when I visit the shop this summer.

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