Mine Shaft Antiques

Driving through the main street of the quaint gold-rush era town of Plymouth, California, the OZ team stumbled upon an homage to a tale, born from scandalous rumors, told since the 1920’s.

“Molly’s Ghost,” put into writing by Mary Hanley, is a legend that contains the critical elements to keep a story alive through the ages—sex, secrets and murder.

Intrigued by the large creature-less 1895 carousel in the front yard along with the abundance of hand-crafted signage, we quickly agreed this place was a must-see. The OZ team ventured into this quirky historical tale depicted with life-size mannequins and props amongst eclectic antiques for sale. (Hover over the photos to read the captions.)

Doc Tiffany mining for gold

The items in this shop were artfully displayed with creative lighting and groupings.


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