Etched in Stone

We’re so spoiled here in the 21st century.  Make a spelling error?  Just hit backspace and poof, it’s gone.  It was much harder thirty, forty years ago.  If you were lucky enough to have a typewriter with a correction ribbon, you could basically do the same thing – backspace – then just type the error again and it would be covered up.  If you were using an old clunker of a typewriter (or, egad, holding a pen in your hand and writing on a sheet of paper!) you had to carefully paint over your mistake with correction fluid.  (Yes, the urban legend is true, Liquid Paper was invented by the mom of Monkee Michael Nesmith.)

But what if your chosen medium isn’t a computer screen or paper?  How do you correct a typo on a headstone?  

Quick answer: you don’t.  It’s there for all eternity, folks.  So be careful, all you hero’s out there, because you and your grammatically incorrect headstone will be togethether forever.

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