Walter Potter – Anthropomorphic Dioramas with Taxidermy

An interesting video created by the British Pathé in 1965 of Potter’s Museum in Bramber, Sussex, England. Walter Potter (1835-1918) created the well-known collection of anthropomorphic dioramas using taxidermied pets from 1861-1890. This prime example of “Victorian Whimsy” remained intact an impressive 142 years until it was disbursed via auction in 2003.

Kittens’ Wedding, Potter’s last piece created in 1890. Click here for video of Kittens’ Wedding.

After watching the video, visit A Case of Curiosities to read more about Mr. Potter, his collection and to see photos.

All 90,000 of British Pathe’s newsreels can be watched on

Credit to finding this fantastic video: Lee Unkrich and Morbid Anatomy

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